Welcome to Aditya on demand!

The Aditya Yoga School platform of Vinyasa Flow Yoga online Classes, Courses, Workshops and Training.

I have curated this material for you and distilled the juiciest offerings to keep you inspired to cultivate a healthy connection with your own yoga practice. 

Practice with me in your own terms.

These videos are also study material for Teachers in Training at my school.

I have organised the Material as

Yoga Playlists, Yoga Sadhanas and Yoga Philosophy.

Soon I will add  Workshops and Training Courses to the offering.


  • How does the "Adiyta on demand" Library of Videos/ Classes work?

    The Aditya On Demand Library operates as Drop-in /Drop-off Membership. In order to access the Library users have to Register. Registration is free and done as a one off. The Aditya ON Demand Library is organised in Categories: - Yoga Playlists - Sadhanas - Yoga Philosophy A user that purchases from any of the above Categories will have access to a Bundle of video classes ( that will be accompanied by study material, bonus tracks and videos ). The access to the Bundle will vary ( from one month , to two months to a year long access). This will be specified at time of Selection. This allows you to select and practice different sets of Classes which have been grouped and collected by Alessandra with You in mind!

  • What is the difference between a "Yoga PLaylist " and a "Sadhana"?

    A Yoga Playlist is a series of Yoga classes developed around a theme. For example " Self Care" , " Empowerment", etc... A "Sadhana " is a collection of Videos that has a more specific orientation towards the understanding of the Yoga Tradition and will contain more Historical and Philosophical references, making it more interesting for Teachers that want to depeen their practice full spectrum and to support them developing themed classes. Sadhanas are also very useful as support material for Teachers in Training.

  • Are the classes / videos in the "Sadhanas" programs more intense than the one offered in the "Yoga Playlists"?

    There is a balanced selection of Open Level, Intermediate and Advanced video classes in both Categories .

  • What will I get when i buy a "Yoga Playlist" and how long for will I have access to the material?

    When purchasing a "Yoga Playlist" one will have access to a compilation of video classes (duration of eac hvideo between 45 - 50 minutes to 1 hr and 30 minutes). The 6 class bundles will be accessible for 1 month from the time of purchase. The 10 class bundles will be accessible for two months Each video is accompanied by music and you will get a bonus track to build your own music playlist! The Aditya On Demand Library operates as Drop-in /Drop-off Memebrship

  • What will I get when i buy a "Sadhana" and how long for will I have access to the material?

    When purchasing a Sadhana yo will get a certain number of videos and study material ( like Text or Bonus Videos). The number of videos varies depending on the Sadhana: - 5 for Shiva - 9 for Navaratri - 40 for the Seasonal Program - 100 plus for the enitre Foundation Library Therefore access will be proportional to the number of video and type of studies . For example Navaratri Sadhana will be accessible for a month ( normally should be completed over 9 consecutive days, but you will have time to come back to it over the period of a month) Seasonal Sadhana and the Foundation Library will be accessible for a whole year !